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Gibson Medical supplies a wide range of quality, vital medical protective equipment including COVID-related products such as PPE to healthcare professionals and the public worldwide.

As a trusted, established medical healthcare systems company and PPE equipment supplier, we’ve made it our mission to do our utmost in the fight against COVID-19. We’re doing this by intensifying our focus on providing public and private healthcare organisations and the retail sector with PPEs at competitive prices in response to unprecedented international demand.


We offer a broad selection of durable PPE equipment designed to provide optimum protection against infection. These products fully meet or even exceed international PPE standards and guidelines.

They include Surgical Face Masks Type IIR with high levels of filtration and splash resistance, with optional added foam to prevent spectacles from fogging and FFP2and FFP3 particulate respirators – maximum protection for healthcare staff at high risks of infections. Other products include gloves, caps, gowns and shields.



Although our primary focus is supplying health care systems, a pandemic such as that caused by COVID-19 means our products also serve a different purpose; they also facilitate social occasions and necessary transport through the use of our face masks, gloves and shields.

Our protective equipment therefore not only ensures that health care staff and patients are safeguarded, governmental recommendations and popular demand means are our products also available through the Swedish retail sector.

Certified products

We consult authoritative testing organisations to ensure our customers can trust our protective medical equipment. As experienced, certified suppliers of personal protection equipment, we continue to meet the PPE needs of organisations employing key healthcare staff while maintaining our commitment to affordable pricing.


Protecting key healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis is at the top of the global agenda, and the demand for our personal protection equipment has never been greater. Our face masks and shields – available through the retail sector, including pharmacy chains – also help members of the public to stay safe at work, in social settings, and for essential travel.

Quality and Environment

Gibson Medical is certified by Svensk Certifiering according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. This accreditation testifies that we consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, whilst also trying to achieve sustainable climate objectives.

Read the policy here

Code of Conduct

Gibson Medical share the values in the United Nations Charter, respect for fundamental human rights, social justice and human dignity, and respect for the equal rights of men and women.

The International Labour Standards and the International Labour Organization have served as the foundation for out Code of Conduct.

We expect our partners to comply to these values and standards.

Read our Code of Conduct here

Selected products

Surgical Face Mask

Type IIR


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PackageMore details

Particulate Respirator



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PackageMore details

COVID-19 Antigen Test




A in-vitro diagnostic rapid self-test using nasal swab for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens (Ag)

COVID-19 Antigen Test - 5301More details

Surgical Face Mask




Designed to prevent spreading of infections. Added foam prevents fogging while wearing glasses. High filtration capacity and splash resistance.

Surgical Face Mask Type IIR - 1133More details

Particulate Respirator




Liquid and splash resistant respirator for high protection in hazardous environments. Designed for medical staff who endure high risks of infections. Filters 95% of all particles (>0,6um). Blue headbands and cord lock. EN 149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR.

Particulate Respirator FFP2 - 1055More details

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Face Masks

Designed to prevent spreading of infections and combine high filtration capacity with splash resistance. Our masks have extended folding for improved fit and have extra soft inner layer and anti-fog options. With ear loops or tie straps, type II or IIR.


Liquid and splash resistant respirators for maximum protection. Primarily used by medical staff who endure high risks of infections. Folded white duckbill as FFP2 and FFP3, soft elastic headbands with silicone cord locks and in practical ziplock or box.


Durable nitrile gloves that provide protection against fluids and chemicals. Excellent resistance to punctures and tears, ambidextrous and with textured fingertips. Free from powder and latex. Comfortable, soft and flexible. Various sizes.


Suitable as general protection in medical and surgical environments. Used as a barrier to liquid and microbial penetration between patient and medical staff, medical environments and other surgical devices. Available as standard or reinforced.


Provide protection against airborne droplets and particles that may constitute a biological hazard. Designed for medical use but can be used everywhere. Full facial coverage without impairing visibility. Foam padding and shield coverage prevent fogging.

Medical caps

A disposable cap made of soft and flexible polypropylene non-woven fabric. Suitable for preventing cross contamination between medical staff and patients. Hypoallergenic and made for surgical environments. Practical dispenser box

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