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Gibson Medical is a global medical equipment company with its head office in Sweden and local representatives in France, Germany and England. Established to meet demand for necessary protective equipment to adequately perform safe care for patients seeking medical attention. 

With hands-on knowledge from working in healthcare, and well-established contacts in the Asian manufacturing industry, Gibson Medical is an established reliable supplier of protective equipment to both healthcare sector and retail sector.

Our clients are both public and private and we currently provide protective equipment to a vast majority of Sweden’s regions municipalities, the Nordics's largest healthcare facilities, European counterparts and to some of the world's largest international organizations. We also deliver our products and services to the public through Sweden’s biggest retail and pharmacy chains. 

Although our primary focus is supplying health care systems, a pandemic such as that caused by Covid-19 means our products also serve a different purpose. Our protective equipment not only ensures that health care staff, service users and patients are safeguarded and feel safe - but our products also facilitate social occasions and necessary transport through the use of face masks, gloves and shields.

We consult various recognized Swedish and European testing organisations to ensure that our products meet or exceed all requirements and standards, so that end-users can always trust our protective equipment.

Gibson Medical™

Tel. 010-330 50 50

Ideon Science Park
SE-223 70 Lund

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