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About Gibson Medical

Gibson Medical is an international provider of medical devices, diagnostics and protective equipment for health care providers, businesses and retailers. Through well-established partnerships and reliable supply chains, we offer our customers high-quality products and tailor-made global logistics solutions.

As a trusted and established supplier we offer a broad selection of products designed to provide optimum protection and safety. All our products meet or exceed international standards and guidelines.

Quality Equipment
for the Medical Industry

A global partner and supplier

The majority of our clients are large scale organisations, distributors, institutions as well as vendors and industries. Although our primary focus is supplying health care systems, a pandemic such as that caused by COVID-19 means our products also serve a different purpose; they facilitate social occasions and necessary journeys through the use of our antigen tests, face masks, gloves and face shields.

We are proud to make continuous contributions by supplying much needed protective equipment and medical devices such as Type IIR surgical masks with anti-fog, FFP2 and FFP3 particulate respirators, antigen tests, gloves, caps, gowns and face shields.

Our advantages

Optimized sales
Prompt delivery
Technical support
Hands-on experience
in healthcare
logistics solutions
Affordable PPE

High quality products

When the global pandemic affects demand and traditional supply chains fail, we see an increase in rogue players infiltrating the market with potentially devastating consequences for people’s lives and society at large. Therefore we are intensifying our focus on providing public and private healthcare organisations and the retail sector with high quality products at competitive prices. We ensure that we attain the highest quality by using only carefully selected suppliers and we continuously utilize distinguished and internationally recognized test institutes.

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Ideon Science Park
SE-223 70 Lund

tel +46 10 330 50 50
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